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Ceramic Car Coating

Ceramic car coating is the latest paint protection solution in Atlanta, Georgia to help keep your vehicle cleaner, shinier and looking brand new for years to come, without the constant need for time-consuming tasks such as waxing or polishing. Check out our ceramic coating options.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

You just purchased a vehicle and want to preserve its brand new appearance forever. Unfortunately, the roads of Atlanta can easily ruin your finish. From rocks, UV rays and passing by bird droppings, your vehicle faces many potential threats that could easily ruin your brand new finish. Paint protection film is the answer.

Paint Correction + Restoration Services

Need help reviving that new car look and feel?  Is your paint covered in swirl-marks? Looking to increase the gloss and shine of your paint? Trying to protect your vehicle for years to come? Our custom paint correction and restoration services can revive even the dullest of finishes. Learn more about the Red's paint correction and restoration solutions.

Expert Auto Detailing. Stunning Results.

Red’s Detail Co. specializes in providing auto detail and paint protection solutions for our clients. We don’t just clean your car – in fact, we don’t even offer cleaning services. We offer protection solutions for our clients that result in less frequent detailing and cleanings, and make your vehicle look factory stunning.

We offer automotive protective services that prevent the need for constant maintenance, enhance the life of your paint and its shine, and make you love owning and driving your vehicle. From our ceramic coating options, paint protection film application services, or our paint correction solutions, we are your ally in reducing ongoing maintenance costs for the life of your vehicle.
Auto Detail and Paint Protection

Vehicle Maintenance Debunked


Your drive your car

Your car gets hits with harsh weather, pollen and dirt on a daily basis. Your paint was made to repel some of it, but it's not self cleaning (yet).


You clean your car

Whether its a quick drive through, full on hand wash, or a drop off at the local car wash, you spend time just to maintain a clean look. But its not the way it was when you drove it off the lot, even if its garage kept.


You wonder if there is an easier solution

You love your car. You love driving a clean, shiny car. You don't have time to perform constant maintenance just to keep your investment looking nice.


You call Red's + drive away with a shiny low maintenance solution

Your car is unique. Your lifestyle is unique. So are we. Custom work is all we do. Reasonable prices, excellent results, and happy customers is the Red's way.

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Eliminate Constant Car Maintenance

Do you find yourself going to the car wash or getting basic detail services way too often just to maintain your vehicle? Over time, the build-up of contaminants from the environment (and even the products used to CLEAN your car!) can leave your finish looking dull and drab.

Investing in professional grade auto detail and paint protection solutions can eliminate the need for constant maintenance and reduce overall time and $$$ spent. The vehicle protection options we offer, such as ceramic coatings or paint protection film help maintain your paint long-term, like ya know, veggies for your car.

Client Feedback

Terry D.

| Yelp Reviews

Eron and his crew are hands down the best detail oriented crew you could ask for! I'm as OCD as they come and he blew my mind on my Charger ! I was ready to re paint and he told me to give him a shot with a paint correction/ ceramic coating process. I trusted and him and WOW! My car looked better than a new paint job and still does two years later! The passion he has for his work is second to none and his customer service is the same! I have sent many friends and my personal clients to him and they all are beyond happy with the results!

John P.

| Yelp Reviews

The crew here is friendly and do a thorough job. I have been going there for years now and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rolvin L.

| Yelp Reviews

In January, our car received PPF from Reds.  This month, a car door was flung into our left side wheel well trim tearing the film.  There was no damage to the paint, nor a dent.  The product performed as we were told it would.  We have found Reds to be very honest and forthright in the selling of the product.  The workmanship is terrific, and the delivery was on time.  Thank you Reds!

Jay C.

| Yelp Reviews

They always take care of their customers and do a top-notch job. They're OCD which is exactly what you want for a car detail. I'm always impressed when I bring my cars in.

Expert Car Detailing Services

Your car is a huge investment and should be protected from environmental and lifestyle challenges that are unique to you. Our experience in developing new methods based on sound scientific principles allows us to tailor a protection plan for your vehicle that gives the results you are looking for – that last. We want you to love your car without constant maintenance.

Ceramic Coating
Ceramic Coatings
For a waxed look that never fades.
Paint Protection Film
The ultimate paint protection solution.
Auto Detail and Paint Protection
Your car deserves a fresh start.

Professional Detailing Products We Utilize

Red’s Detail Co. installs the best paint protection solutions because we focus on what each car needs. From advanced options, like Modesta to CQuartz Finest ceramic coatings, and Xpel or Suntek paint protection films (aka clear bra), to our classic polishing services, we focus on results. We work with you to develop a completely customized solution to ensure your car maintains its flawless shine and gloss for the entirety of your ownership.
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