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The Red’s Way

Red’s Detail Co. has been proudly serving the Marietta, Georgia area for over a decade. Red’s is owner operated and their pursuit is perfection. The team prides themselves in delivering the best car detail and paint protection services so their clients can live the everyday experience of a brand-new car.

Red’s mission is to challenge what’s possible in the auto detailing industry by developing and applying the best restorative and preventative techniques.

Red’s goal is to deliver impeccable, long-lasting results for their clients and their vehicles. Keep scrolling to learn more about the history of Red’s Detail Co., check out reviews from our client’s or click here to meet our team.

Meet Eron + Wu

The Red’s Back Story

Red’s Detail Co. was started over 10 years ago by friends Eron Knox and Anshih Wu. Both had worked in the auto detailing industry for years, and recognized a need for detailing services that were based on a customized client experience.

The concept for Red’s was born out of the back of Wu’s car when the pair went out on their own. With nothing but the skill they had acquired, and the hope that they could bring their vision to the greater Atlanta area, Eron and Wu grew Red’s to be the detail center clients can rely on for skilled service and stunning results.

With over 30 years of combined experience, Eron and Wu focus on reinventing vehicle care standards. From the first encounter, the focus at Red’s is on honest communication and education. The team provides exceptional customer service and take a customer focused approach by listening to the needs of their clients. Red’s has created a niche in the industry for tailoring their services based on what will deliver the right results safely for each vehicle, budget, and lifestyle.

Meet Eron + Wu

Meet Eron + Wu

The Red’s Dream Team

Eron Knox and Anshih Wu began their careers in the auto detailing industry by working in various auto wash and care centers. Starting from the ground up, they quickly began to realize that so much more goes into the craft of auto detailing than meets the eye. There is a vast difference between washing or detailing cars, and providing services that deliver value to clients through protective services.

Over the years, both Eron and Wu have developed and honed their skills to truly master the craft of auto protection. Through hands-on experience, training with other industry experts, and by studying the science behind the techniques, they have become industry leaders in automotive corrective and protective techniques.

Each has their own speciality, driven by their individual growth (and personality!). Check out more about Eron and Wu, and what makes them such a dynamic duo!

aka Wu

Anshih Wu

Anshih Wu, aka “Wu” is known for his calm energy and affinity for precision. A focused expert in the trade, Wu’s specialities are high level protection techniques, including Ceramic Coating applications, Paint Correction, and ensuring Eron isn’t bouncing off the walls.

Wu’s professionalism shines through in his attention to detail and the sense of order he brings to his work. Often referred to as the balanced partner, Wu takes a planned approach to his work and executes with perfection. His skill level is unmatched in the areas he specializes in, with his results speaking for themselves. 


Aside from his hands on work, Wu also has a passion for the business side of things and can often be found crunching numbers in order to make sure “we don’t lose the shop”. His sense of humor might be a bit more understated than his counterpart, but Wu’s intellect shines through in his sharp wit. His rationality and his strong sense of think before you act, has kept Red’s focused in an ever changing industry.


In addition to his full time role at Red’s, Wu focuses his talents in the following directions:

+ Cast Member | Dirty Old Cars
+ Product & Brand Development | Red’s Detail Co.
+ Training Manager | Red’s Detail Co.

aka Knoxy

Eron Knox

Eron Knox, aka “Knoxy” is known for his obsessive, sometimes compulsive, demand for the details to be right. A skilled and experienced craftsman, Eron’s specialities are high level protection techniques, including Paint Protection Film applicationPaint Correction and Restoration, and his affinity for fixing even the most stubborn finishes.

 A true manic perfectionist, Eron brings a sense of insanity to the job that results in the most stunning and “impossible” results. Utterly enthralled by the science behind all things, he is a lifetime learner and challenger of the status quo. This has led Eron to successfully develop new techniques, invent products for more effective results, and make a ton of clients smile. 


Well-known in the industry for his mastery of the tools of the trade, Eron regularly provides training for and with other industry experts while entertaining them at the same time. He brings a sense of humor, a curated knowledge base, and a genuine passion for pushing the industry forward into every project he is involved in.


In addition to his full time role at Red’s, Eron somehow finds the time for a few other endeavors:

 + Cast Member | Dirty Old Cars
 + Founder & Product Development | KXK Dynamics
 + Guest Trainer | Gloss University
 + Commissioned Artist | Self

What our clients have to say

After over 10 years in business, Red’s has been privileged to service hundreds of client’s and their vehicles. From our early days, we have focused on the customer experience and delivering stunning auto detail and paint protection results. Check out testimonials from our local clients!

Red's Detail Co.
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Bonnie MBonnie M
16:40 11 Mar 24
I had hesitated getting my 2016 Jeep Wrangler professionally detailed because I was afraid of the cost, but it had some mold on the seats I could no longer ignore.Red's found the source of moisture causing the mold and took care of it, along with detailing it inside and out. My Jeep looks and smells incredible!Now that I know how reasonable Red's rates are for what they do, a good clean and wax at Red's will be a spring tradition.
Kyle BohlmanKyle Bohlman
20:54 13 Feb 24
Taken 2 of my most beloved cars there and left satisfied each time!
Blake HBlake H
22:16 07 Feb 24
Eron and the guys at Reds Detailing are just incredible. There’s no one else that I would ever let touch my car. They did a ceramic coating on my Audi and it’s the best looking Ceramic Coating I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen plenty super impressed. Super happy if there’s anything you need done to your car Reds Detailing is the only place in Atlanta. I would go, great people
Dexter NailsDexter Nails
21:50 31 Jan 24
This shop is the real deal. You won’t be disappointed! The attention to detail is second to none.
Luke PartainLuke Partain
20:48 18 Jan 24
Red is the absolute best. He’s the man! Hands down, the best. I wouldn’t take my car anywhere else. From paint correction to ceramic coating and film. This place is more than a notch above their competitors. Red’s skills are from another planet.
Stephen KohlStephen Kohl
18:43 04 Feb 23
Awesome. Eron(Red) took a lot of time explaining at lot about the options, procedure, etc. More importantly, he didn't try to upsell, or add on a lot of unnecessary things. Everything was finished on time and the car looks better than new (3 year old Mercedes E350) Highly recommended!


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