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Expert Paint Correction & Auto Restoration Services

Need help reviving that new car look and feel? Is your paint covered in swirl-marks? Looking to increase the gloss and shine of your paint? Trying to protect your vehicle for years to come?

Day to day exposure to environmental contaminants can cause damage, build-up, and visible changes to the finish of your vehicle. There are many natural elements your paint is exposed to that are not visible to the naked eye until the damage is already done.

Many finish issues can be the result of low-quality detailing products or techniques that inflict more damage than they resolve. We use safe products and techniques to guarantee long-lasting results that won’t harm your vehicle’s surfaces over time.

Auto Detail and Paint Protection

I think I just need a wax

Part of our job as detailing professionals is making sure our clients have clear expectations about what is possible. A common myth in the detailing industry is that waxing can fix exterior paint issues, staining, or swirl marks.

Waxing cannot fix surface imperfections.

Severe swirls, paint damage and some sub-surface imperfections can be corrected with paint correction or restoration.

Understanding the Difference Between Waxing & Paint Correction

Auto Detail and Paint Protection
Auto Detail and Paint Protection
Auto Detail and Paint Protection

So... Can my car's finish be restored?

Red’s offers several polishing and paint correction options that can effectively remove scratches and swirl-marks from your car.

We are experienced in working through many types of surface and paint issues, and are able to tailor our techniques. Our team specializes in customizing our services based on the condition of your vehicle and your restorative goals.

Car Polishing + Compounding Services

Polishing is the most common solution for surface imperfections. Car polishing can minimize water staining, imperfections in the surface of paint, and increase the shine or smoothness of your finish. Compounding is a technique that can reduce or fade minor scratches and correct an uneven finish. When used in conjunction, both techniques can restore a dull and lifeless finish to brand new!

Customized Paint Correction Services
Regardless of your budget or needs, we have a paint restoration or detailing solution that will restore and revive your vehicle’s finish to factory. Our base packages are always customized by our expert technicians to make sure the end result is nothing less than stunning.

Red's Paint Correction and Car Polishing Packages

Red’s Detail Co. offers 4 types of polishing and corrective packages performed by master level technicians. With over two decades in the auto detailing industry, we have the experience to revive even the dullest finishes!  We offer customized packages for corrective and restoration work upon consultation.  All packages include an exterior hand wash prior to service and your satisfaction with the final result.

Corrective Close Up

We could not be more proud to be a part of History channel’s new series, Dirty Old Cars, airing Wednesdays @ 10pm EST. Check out some of the messiest restore jobs through the link above, or subscribe to watch the full season on YouTube!

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Auto Detail and Paint Protection
Auto Detail and Paint Protection
Auto Detail and Paint Protection
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